Corporate Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness in the corporate environment can bring many benefits to your employees and colleagues.  Meditation and mindfulness practices have been shown to have the following benefits:

  • Reduced stressed (see more below)
  • A greater sense of metal calm
  • Sharpen problem solving skills
  • Decrease anxiety and depression
  • Promote better quality sleep, our body’s natural healer
  • Increase levels of resilience

Meditation and mindfulness in the workplace can help reduce stress levels across all levels of the organisation.   Ideally, meditation and mindfulness techniques should be taught so that they are available at any moment of the day. School of Happy teaches meditation and mindfulness techniques that people can use independently of guided mediation, or meditation apps. This is the best way to ensure that these fantastic techniques are available to colleagues in your workplace whenever they need them.

Fiona Lambden, director of School of Happy, spent her former life working in the investment banking industry in both Melbourne and London.  She understands the pressure experienced by employees in the corporate environment.  It was when she was working in this industry that she discovered how beneficial meditation and mindfulness can be to creating a positive working environment and happy people. She worked in a highly pressurised and stressful environment and used mindfulness techniques regularly to reduce stress.

What is the evidence for mindfulness in the workplace?

Here are some of the benefits of meditation in the workplace:

  • Meditation has been proven to reduce stress1, which accounts for 30% of all work place related compensation claims2.  This is costing businesses $10 billion per year (in 2013) through absenteeism and stress-related presenteeism.3
  • Meditation can help build resilience in within your companies most important asset
  • Employees can use the skills taught in their meditation courses and classes at any point during their working day

We would love to work with you to create a programme tailored to the needs of your workplace.  Please contact us to get in touch.

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